Database AVIBase 3.0

From this page you can download the latest releases of the AVIBase 3.0 database. Files are in Microsoft Access (Office 97) format and are compressed. Each database contains more than 20 tables in a relational structure.

June 1999 Floods Database in Microsoft Access (Office 97) format
June 1999 Landslides Database in Microsoft Access (Office 97) format

The current versions contain 17.186 records for landslides and 7178 records for floods.

With respect to the August 1999 release:

Detailed information on the database update are available in a Report (in italian).

With respect to the previous releases:

Few tables remain to be validated. Among the others those containing geographic coordinates and the IGMI map references.

A formal check of the completeness of the database against the original paper archive is being performed. Work is due to be completed by the October 1998.

It is possible to retrieve the historical information on landslides and inundation by accessing the GNDCI information system.